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Hundreds Of Feed Varieties

SoMo started out as a feed operation, and feed is still the biggest thing we do. The few sample products and categories listed here are just a taste of what awaits your livestock operation in our huge warehouse.

Equine Feed

  • Double-O - Sweet Feed, SoMo Horse, Pellet w/ Biotin.
  • Purina - Equine Senior, Strategy, Omolene, and Ultium.
  • ADM/Tindle - Patriot, Senior, Southern, and Tindle Trails.
  • Hubbard - Front Runner lines.
  • Progressive - Alfalfa and Grass Mineral, Foal Starter and Pail, Rejuvenaide.
  • Crystalyx -Stablelyx lines.
  • Anipro - Horse tub, Digestamace, Zymace.
  • Nutrena - Full line.

Cattle Feed

  • Crystalyx - Full line.
  • Double-O - Cattle Pellets, Hillbilly Mix, Cattle Drive, Sweet Grain, Tubs.
  • Purina - Wind & Rain Minerals, Ranch Hand Cubes, and Precon
  • ADM/Tindle - Full line, including 50/50, Beef Cubes, Range Cubes, Calf Aid Pellet, CBP, Calf Treet, Whole Corn, Cracked Corn.
  • Nutrena - Full line.

Swine Feed

  • Double-O - Sow, Sow ‘N Pig, Hog Developer, Hog Finisher.
  • Show Rite - Full line.
  • ADM/Tindle - Golden Hog Finisher, Pig Starter.
  • Sunglo - 18G, 20G, G-Line Gilt, Bloom & Fiber, Sumo, Simulate, Clean Out, Defusion, Epic, Explode, Final Control, 1st Response, Full Tank, In Motion, Inhale, Liquafat, Show Base.

Small Ruminants

  • Show Rite - Glen Martins Advancer, Fat N Sassy, Rite Factor.
  • Double-O - Goat Ration, Alfa Goat, Lamb Builder, Sheep Mineral.
  • ADM/Tindle - Breed Sheep, Show Lamb Elite.
  • Hubbard - Sheeplyx, Goatlyx.
  • Sunglo - Full line.

Poultry Feed

  • Double-O
  • Purina - Layena, Start 'n Grow, Flockraiser, and Flock Blocks.
  • Hubbard Homestead
  • ADM/Tindle
Double-O Feed logo

SoMo's Own Double-O Brand Feeds

Introduced in 2008, SoMo’s OO brand feed has quickly gained a major following among livestock producers. The quality and economy of Double-O feed is second to none.

Crystalyx supplements logo

We are happy to be a major distributor for Crystalyx brand supplements.