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Commando Turkey Calls

As hunters and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we are happy to carry the excellent Commando line of turkey calls. Commando Hunting Products was founded by two lifelong friends and hunters from Lebanon, Missouri. They developed the line to meet their own hunting needs, and the solutions they found have proven useful for other hunters at every skill level.

The Commando Advantage

  • Quality - Unlike most hunting calls, which are made overseas, Commando calls are made in Bolivar, Missouri. Their standards of material and workmanship are second to none.
  • Flexibility - As typified by the Combo call, Commando’s philosophy is packing the largest number of options in the smallest possible package.
  • Innovation - Commando calls introduce new features that give you the edge, like the three-walled Doombox design.

Mouth Calls

Commando diaphragm turkey call

Handled by a competent user, a Commando diaphragm call works with deadly efficiency, producing a wide variety of strikingly realistic and completely irresistible hen tones.

Commando Combo

Commando combo turkey call

Each finely-crafted Commando Combo gives you not one, but two calling surfaces, easily switchable using the built-in thumb screw. Choose from glass and slate or glass and aluminum combinations. You also have the option of using the lid with or without its waterproof echo chamber, for a total of 4 different tones per call.

The Doombox

Commando Doombox turkey call

Where standard box calls have just a right and left side on the sound chamber, Commando has added a third wall for superior breakover. Combined with the Commando build quality, this makes the Doombox an excellent choice for those who prefer box style turkey calls.

Brenda Valentine

"Sweet Talk" from Brenda Valentine

Commando Hunting Products developed the Sweet Talk line of turkey calls to the specifications of Brenda Valentine, TV’s “First Lady of Hunting.” Like the signature Commando Combo call, the Sweet Talk combines slate and glass surfaces.

Celebrity Endorsements

Commando calls are promoted by a number of big hunting personalities, including:

  • The Backwoods Bloodline TV show.
  • Country music artist Daryle Singletary.
  • Jana Waller of "Skullbound."
  • Mike Ray of the "The Wild Life."
  • TV personality Michael Hendrickson.